Week 1: Plaster Casting Activity

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This Sunday, January 29th at around 2pm, my good friend and I went to the beach to do my plaster casting activity. It was a beautiful 80 degree day in Long Beach… in the winter! We got really lucky with the weather because this time last week it was down pouring. Besides that, we found a spot close to the water (but not too close to where the waves would ruin anything) and started to set up. I filled up one bucket with water and placed that to the side. My friend Sevgi and I started to dig holes in the sand to create our molds. We started off with mine, adding the wet sand and patting it down to properly create the mold. Taking my hand out of the mold is where it started to get a little bit tricky!
I kept moving the sand and it started to fill in the mold just a little bit. With our “mold” somewhat complete, we started mixing the plaster and water together.
Oh my goodness, I had no idea how quickly this stuff started to dry! We were kind of panicking in a sense. hahaha. But it turned out okay, we got the liquid plaster and poured it gently into my hand mold. As we waited for the plaster to dry, me and Sevgi drank some soda, tried to tan a little bit, and even played in the water, because why not! Finally, the time to reveal came, we dug around the mold and slowly pulled out my plaster hand. What we found was pleasantly surprising. It did not come out as bad as we thought it would! We could see my finger nails and all five fingers. Yes, the mold could have been better but you know what, it came out pretty good for it being our first times doing this activity. Overall, the activity was a lot of fun to do with my friend and we might actually will try again but this time making the hand molds work better by making the sand a little more wet and sturdy. After all our hard work we went to go and get ice cream at Cold stone! I would have taken a picture of our ice creams but my phone died. Had lots of fun!!


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