Week 1: Talk with a Classmate

img_0295 On wednesday, January 25th, I met a very sweet, funny, and witty girl named Sarina. We came to realize that we have a lot in common and get along extraordinarily well! Sarina is Cambodian, Thai, Laos, and American. How cool! It intrigued me when she started talking about her mixed ethnicity. She also has three dogs named Juju, Peanut, and Abby. A big shout out to Sarina because she worked hard enough to buy a car, all on her own! She currently works at 85 degrees in Cerritos. I have been there a few times (not knowing that she was employed) because I am a fan of their boba drinks. She is a freshman in college and majors in social work. When I asked Sarina how she felt so far about the class, she said that she is “loving it, it is fun, and my boyfriend took the same class so I kind of already know what to expect. His WordPress is still active by the way.” She definitely knows how to make someone laugh. It was a pleasure meeting Sarina and I look forward to the future with her being my newest friend.




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