Week 5: Automatic Drawing

img_2065When I read that this week’s activity was to draw I was excited! I like to consider myself as a somewhat decent drawer. Bur of course this was not like any other “normal” types of drawing activities. We need to work with a partner, close our eyes and let our “spirit” draw for us. The materials we used for this project was:

  1. Drawing paper 22×30 “Rives BFK”
  2. Table as a surface to draw on
  3. Oil Crayons (From Daiso)

Before we actually started, I thought “How the heck are we supposed to do this?”. It seemed scary and strange to not like the art we were making, but if you really think about it, that is the main point of this activity. We let our mind and our spirit guide us away, which ended up being very interesting. I thought it was either going to be a mess or something so weird you can interpret millions of ideas into.

The Process

1. We started with placing our drawing paper on the table with two chairs on each side of the table.

2. After we got everything in together, we choose the first color we wanted to start to draw with. We both chose black because it’s our favorite color and very mysterious, just like us. lol.

3. We both put our hands or fingers on the crayons, closed our eyes and started to draw. Initially, it felt reeeeaallllyyyyy weird because it felt like we were just drawing a bunch of scribbles. DO NOT DO THIS ACTIVITY WITH YOUR BROTHER! LMAOO

4. After we used the first black crayon, we changed our color to a lighter blue and did the same thing.

5. As the last color we chose was yellow because we wanted something different and bright to make the black and lighter blue pop! With the last color  we really sped up the pace. Both of the black and the blue color brought out similar shapes and a feel, here and there in different sizes, but when we used the yellow crayon, which just got crazy because my brother is very heavy handed!


As you can see, this project got a little crazy! There are some circles here and there, with the occasional scribble. We tried hard to actually create something pretty but we got this. I do like our color choices because they go very well together. Overall, this project really showed me the importance of art with your eyes open and having a not-so-heavy hand.img_2067


Week 5: Artist Conversation – Emily Barnett


Artist: Emily Barnett

Exhibition: Recent Works on Paper

Media: Printmaking and Lithograph

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: emilyannebarnett.com

Instagram: @emily_b_anne

Emily Barnett is currently an MFA printmaking student at CSULB. She received her BA in Art at Humboldt State University in the year of 2014. The piece on “Recent Works on Paper” consists of artwork that are intended to visualize experiences with mental illness. She uses an image based on a portrait of herself as a young child looking anxious. She states, “The paintings and painting elements are translating my personal experiences. The painting themselves can be influenced by past or current emotions.”

Former Analysis: Out of her five artworks in the gallery, three of them have a young child looking afraid and anxious, possibly scared of something. All but one of her pieces have teddy bears incorporated in them, it maybe a small or large teddy bear. Her portraits are very colorful,including all of the primary colors and more. One of her pieces stands out the most to me, which is the one with the scribble, child-like feel. She says that she is making her art intentionally childlike and the “messy”, “out-of-place” look, makes it seem as if a child had created this piece.

Content Analysis: Her art is intended to show her audience what a person with different kinds of mental illnesses might go through in their life. Explaining the reason for the scribbles throughout most of her paintings. Her work is also based on what she has been through, her experiences, and the emotions she has felt. “I am also making my art intentionally childlike, this stylistic choice is more visually connect to childhood and by this I try to evoke experiences relating to or are connected to childhood”, said Emily.

My Experience:  Initially seeing Emily’s work, i was indifferent about it. I never thought or even could imagine what the actual story was behind all of her pieces. After talking with her, my personal opinions and feelings towards her art changed immensely.  After I read her artist statement, I was able to see the connection between her art and what it is intended to show. It was a pleasure looking at all of your beautiful art. I am truly inspired!

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Artist Conversation #2: Jenny Cho

Exhibition Information

Artist: Jenny Cho
Exhibition: Inprocess
Media: Drawing and Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Instagram: cxthxdx_gxrl

About the Artist

Jenny Cho is an undergraduate student working towards her BFA degree in the School of Art’s Drawing and Painting program. This spring 2017 will be her last semester here at CSULB. Her interests involve breaking the stereotypes put on women in our society. Her art/ideas give us a piece of her own personal experience with prejudice as well as stories of others.

Formal Analysis

The main piece I will be focusing on today of Jenny’s is called Mirror/Image. She created this piece in 2016 which is made with mixed media and electrical diodes on watercolor paper. The nature of the piece is very clean and straight. Jenny uses bright and vivid colors that create different textures on both sides of the piece. On the side that she uses crayon with, brings a rugged feel, While the side that she paints creates a softer and more delicate approach to her piece. With her piece being woven in with other materials, that brings a sinuous feeling to its entirety.

Content Analysis

With Jenny’s Mirror/Image piece, she is playing off the duality of two sides of a story. Each side being completely different, are actually apart of one being. She also mentioned the relationships between men and women and how they should become accepting of each other. She feels as if her piece represents Buddhism the more she thinks about, but ultimately she is not exactly sure. Jenny strongly believes in the idea that two things make a whole, and also how men and women should interact with one another. Not only does her piece represent us people, but it also shows the relationship between nature vs technology, hence the drawing of the flower. We normally would think of these two as complete opposites but really they mimic each other. This is how she believes we should interpret it. Nature ultimately depends on technology to survive and vice versa. There is a quiet strength in her work that she wants her viewers to understand.

Synthesis / My Experience

When I originally saw Jenny’s piece i just thought it was a beautiful piece and very colorful. IT was not until actually asking her the details of her art is when I fully understood it all. She really made me think of the bond women currently have with men in our society and that truly opened my eyes. There are a lot of issues in our lives with prejudice and just not completely understanding everyone’s point of views. When she mentioned the relationship between technology and nature I initially was doubtful and thought that made absolutely no sense to me. As for now, it all works together. Without nature technology would be essentially nonexistent, and without technology I feel that nature probably would not be as appreciated as it now. Jenny really tries to emphasize the importance of women’s art. She is trying to make it seem more of an art rather than just a craft or hobby for women. The strength in that statement she made really stuck with me.


Thank you Jenny for your time, and for displaying your beautiful and one-of-a-kind art!

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Week 4 Activity: Art Care Package (ACP)

February 19th, 2017

For my Art Care Package, I decided to send it to my one best friend who is 18 years old and currently goes to school at Cal State Berkeley. Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending  someone a snapchat in the way that its personal and relevant to that person. But also, depending on what you send, can also represent the time you take for that one picture or element in the package. Even with some similarities, the ACP differs from snapchat mainly because, making an ACP could take hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. While a snapchat is a quick flick that only lasts for a few seconds. With the ACP, the value and the meaning of each object can grow over time, making it mean so much more than it might have been originally created for. Ephemera to me is very precious. While creating my friends package, i started to think of the types of ephemera i have received in my life thus far. I recently found my deceased grandmothers earrings that she wore for her wedding. That to me feels so unbelievably special to be able to wear her earrings that she wore on one of the most important days of her life. This is what I tried to incorporate in my friends ACP. Maybe not jewelry per-say but with postcards of the places she and myself have or want to travel to, etc. I do believe that there is a difference in the art that you can see in a museum versus the art in an ACP. Mainly because an ACP is personal, and is related to one specific person and their life, while as art in a museum is from the artist himself/herself and to anyone who sees it. The time and thought it takes to create an ACP means so much more, rather than just sending a snapchat to someone. The person behind the package thought of you and created this for you. Which means so much more. Although getting your message receivedfullsizerender-11 quickly is easier and more straightforward, the patience and thought that goes with an ACP makes up for the time it takes to actually receive it.

Week 3: Talk with a Classmate

On Wednesday, February 8th, I talked to a very sweet guy named Jonathan. He is a second year student here at CSULB and is 19 years old. Jonathan is majoring in computer engineering, which he says is very hard. Currently, he has no idea what he wants to do with his major but he knows that there are many options to choose from in that field. He, just like myself, went to Lakewood High school. As of right now, Jonathan does not have a job but if he could choose, he would want to work at any shoe store. He’s lived in North Long Beach his whole life, has two dogs (a chow and a German shepherd mix), and he drives a silver Acura TL. I love his birthday, June 13th, mainly because that usually means summer! Summer is always good. Jonathan is very easy going and pleasant to talk to! IMG_1270.PNG

Artist Conversation #1: Megan Macuen

Exhibition Information

Artist: Megan Macuen
Media: Fiber art
Gallery: CSULB School of Art

About the Artist

Megan is a first year graduate student at California State University, Long Beach. She has her MFA degree in the School of Arts Fiber Program. Megan stated that her main interest would primarily be weaving, but she also is a collector. Most of the pieces she collects are represented in her art one way or another. Her art expresses her ideas in the “domino effect” meaning that she does not create her art from inspiration, rather, she finds a relationship between each piece and goes from there.

Formal Analysis

The piece I mainly focused on of Megan’s was called “Untitled 1”.Her work is very clean and sinuous. She used wood, house paint, cotton rope, muslin, aqua resin, collected ceramics, collected fake fruit, and hardware. With the use of the cotton rope, wood, and hardware, she was able to create a gravity defining effect and an element of illusion. The only pieces with color were of the collected ceramics and fake fruit. Each piece hand painted by herself. The pieces of the blue/white painted ceramics create an undulated feel to the piece.

Content Analysis

Megan’s piece, in the beginning, initially have no meaning. It is not until after she feels complete of her art, is when she starts to uncover the true meaning. For example, when we asked Megan what inspires her the most, she simply said, “I do not work from inspiration, I find the relationships between each piece and go from there.” She finds beauty is antique stores and abandoned children’s ceramic pieces because she knows the innocence of a child’s art and the uniqueness of the antiques she finds. In “Untitled 1” she explores the ideas on perfection and how there are different levels to it. At the bottom, we have upside down children’s art which shows the imperfections in adolescents. In the upper levels, we have a perfectly uniformed, leveled land, all hand painted. Although each  piece may look different, each piece is painted differently showing how things are never exactly the same.

Synthesis / My Experience

At first when I laid eyes on Megan’s piece, I did not feel anything towards, no love nor dislike. I had no idea what I was looking at. It was not until I actually spoke to Megan and heard what she had to say about her piece, my feelings changed. It turned from an emotionless attitude, to an amazed outlook. Megan works without any inspiration and just builds. I have never heard/met anyone quite like that before. Each piece in her mind has a relationship with another and she finds that. That idea is something I have never thought of before. When it came to art, I always thought artists’ had an inspiration for every piece, honestly, I thought that was the only way art was created! Megan opened my eyes to endless possibilities. Megan has taught me that not everything in life or school has to have a certain meaning, or a specific outlook. Sometimes we just have to build/ learn as we go.

Thank you Megan Macuen for taking the time out to talk to us and display your one-of-a-kind art.

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Week 2: Landscape with a Corpse

Just another ordinary winter day in February, a girl was doing her daily routine, walking home from a long day at school. She decided to take a new route just to see if it would save her some time and get her home sooner.It ended up taking her through an abandoned park with only the noise of the wind blowing through the large trees. As she was walking, she started to feel lost; She tried calling home but there was no signal. Everything felt so wrong. She started to hear noises that made her feel very uncomfortable and almost as if she was not alone. She continued walking, now at a quicker pace, trying to leave the park. All of her worst nightmares came to life, a man popped up from behind with a knife and stabbed her a few times in the abdominal area. She falls after the attack in a pile of hay. Her notebook falls to the floor because her dying body can not support. She will never understand why he came for her. If she took her normal path home, maybe she would still be alive. Sometimes curiosity can kill.


Creating the activity: Just the thought of the landscape with a corpse activity gave me the chills. Trying to figure out how to die was even weirder. When I lied on the ground, I thought about how possible of a death this is, and that was horrifying. Even my camera girl got a little uncomfortable because she is my best friend and she just took pictures of me as a corpse. Looking at the pictures of myself was very scary and eye opening. This activity is very different yet very scary.

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Week 2: Talk with a Classmate

On Wednesday, I talked with a lovely girl named Salmah. She is a first year student at CSULB just like me which is cool. As of right now, her major is undecided but she does know that she wants a career with kids, but just not sure as to which job. Salmah is eighteen years old, and her birthday is March 23rd. Currently she does not have a job, mainly because she wants to focus on school her first year (which is super smart). If she did have a job, Salmah said that she would prefer to be at a clothing store of some type. She was a student at Gahr high school and lives in Inglewood. Talking to Salmah was a lot of fun mostly because she is very personable and sweet! It was a pleasure meeting her!

Go and check out her blog!! salmahismail@wordpress.comimg_0744-1