Week 2: Landscape with a Corpse

Just another ordinary winter day in February, a girl was doing her daily routine, walking home from a long day at school. She decided to take a new route just to see if it would save her some time and get her home sooner.It ended up taking her through an abandoned park with only the noise of the wind blowing through the large trees. As she was walking, she started to feel lost; She tried calling home but there was no signal. Everything felt so wrong. She started to hear noises that made her feel very uncomfortable and almost as if she was not alone. She continued walking, now at a quicker pace, trying to leave the park. All of her worst nightmares came to life, a man popped up from behind with a knife and stabbed her a few times in the abdominal area. She falls after the attack in a pile of hay. Her notebook falls to the floor because her dying body can not support. She will never understand why he came for her. If she took her normal path home, maybe she would still be alive. Sometimes curiosity can kill.


Creating the activity: Just the thought of the landscape with a corpse activity gave me the chills. Trying to figure out how to die was even weirder. When I lied on the ground, I thought about how possible of a death this is, and that was horrifying. Even my camera girl got a little uncomfortable because she is my best friend and she just took pictures of me as a corpse. Looking at the pictures of myself was very scary and eye opening. This activity is very different yet very scary.

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