Week 5: Automatic Drawing

img_2065When I read that this week’s activity was to draw I was excited! I like to consider myself as a somewhat decent drawer. Bur of course this was not like any other “normal” types of drawing activities. We need to work with a partner, close our eyes and let our “spirit” draw for us. The materials we used for this project was:

  1. Drawing paper 22×30 “Rives BFK”
  2. Table as a surface to draw on
  3. Oil Crayons (From Daiso)

Before we actually started, I thought “How the heck are we supposed to do this?”. It seemed scary and strange to not like the art we were making, but if you really think about it, that is the main point of this activity. We let our mind and our spirit guide us away, which ended up being very interesting. I thought it was either going to be a mess or something so weird you can interpret millions of ideas into.

The Process

1. We started with placing our drawing paper on the table with two chairs on each side of the table.

2. After we got everything in together, we choose the first color we wanted to start to draw with. We both chose black because it’s our favorite color and very mysterious, just like us. lol.

3. We both put our hands or fingers on the crayons, closed our eyes and started to draw. Initially, it felt reeeeaallllyyyyy weird because it felt like we were just drawing a bunch of scribbles. DO NOT DO THIS ACTIVITY WITH YOUR BROTHER! LMAOO

4. After we used the first black crayon, we changed our color to a lighter blue and did the same thing.

5. As the last color we chose was yellow because we wanted something different and bright to make the black and lighter blue pop! With the last color  we really sped up the pace. Both of the black and the blue color brought out similar shapes and a feel, here and there in different sizes, but when we used the yellow crayon, which just got crazy because my brother is very heavy handed!


As you can see, this project got a little crazy! There are some circles here and there, with the occasional scribble. We tried hard to actually create something pretty but we got this. I do like our color choices because they go very well together. Overall, this project really showed me the importance of art with your eyes open and having a not-so-heavy hand.img_2067


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