Week 9 Activity: Graffiti Art 

I came into this activity with very high expectations. I thought it was going to be easy and a lot of fun. Boyyyyyy was I wrong. 😂 I went to Walmart, buying like $2 cans of black and white spray paint. Bad call on my part because I definitely got the cheapest paint in all ways possible. I was super excited to get this activity going. To create my art, I bought a giant box of cardboard because I wanted it to look awesome. Hahaha NO. I drew my name in bubble letters (which was wayyyyy harder than I thought it could ever be). I then outlined the letters with black…. or grey…….. the paint was very light and didn’t even look black! 😦 I had to reapply the paint like 3 times just to show my actual name. After that I then outlined it in white and it came out kind of okay. Overall, from this activity, I have a stronger appreciation for graffiti artist. It’s a lot more work than one may think. Other than that, I had a lot of fun doing this activity (even though it was stressful) I learned a lot and have a great appreciation for any graffiti art that comes my way now. 


Week 9: Artist Conversation

Artist: David DeSantis
Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlin GalleryIMG_3211

Artist background: 
David realized he wanted to pursue a career in art once he turned 18. David has always had a interest for art. All seemed to have started at a very young age. He really enjoyed to doodle motorcycles in his younger years. He probably did this because he has always loved exciting and new things to get the “blood flowing”. He mentioned that Long Beach has one of the most pristine and top art programs in the west coast. This is his first full showing. And he was super excited to be able to show us and talk to us about his artwork!

Content Analysis:
“Everyone sees/interprets things differently. I could paint a happy face and it could mean so many different things to many different people, and that’s the beauty of art.” David mentioned that his work is based on experimentation’s with figurative imagery and expressive mark makings. He said since his art is abstract it has multiple meanings. A different meaning for different people. His influences our music within his artwork.

My Experience:
Personally, i thought David’s artwork was truly unique. I love how he incorporates music and figurative imagery in his pieces. I really liked the red samurai piece because of the positive feelings i received from just looking at it. He is a pretty unique guy with a insanely creative mind that is truly inspiring.


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Classmate Conversation

On Wednesday, March 15th, I had a conversation with a lovely girl named Sohee Son. She was born in South Korea, and is 21 years old. She is an exchange student here at CSULB and has only been here for two months. I asked her what she loves about California and she clearly stated that she loves the weather! (agreed) She currently has no job but if she did she would want to be a cashier. She is a junior here majoring in graphic design. Drawing is one of  her most favorite things to do. Hence, the reason for her graphic design major. Sohee loves the beach, and she loves the talk show with the Conant guy. She thinks he is really funny. Overall, Sohee was so sweet and easy to talk to. IMG_2869

Week 8 Activity: Finger Painting


For this week’s activity, Finger painting, I was kind of not really looking forward to it. I just thought of it being a giant mess with no purpose.  Continuing on, I ended up picking the colors yellow, green, and red (Non-toxic paint of course). I chose these colors mainly because i like the way they blend together and how rustic and beautiful they look. I started with the color green because i thought it would be a good base color. I then added some yellow and then last but not least, i added the red. In doing this activity, it came out to be easier than i expected. I thought the paint was going to get all over my hands, clothes, and just everywhere! haha. But surprisingly it did not! The idea of painting with no subject is definitely more fun. Being told to paint certain things, (I believe) defeats the purpose of art for the artist. So being able to paint whatever and go in any direction makes it more spontaneous and fun. This experience was very relaxing and liberating because it kind of took my mind off of my everyday stresses. My final product came out to be this circular, curvy, beautiful mess. lol. When i compare this experience and art to other pieces I have seen, I can definitely see the beauty in everyone’s art work. We can take finger painting is SO MANY different ways which is a beautiful concept. Overall, i really did enjoy this weeks art activity because it changed my perspective on finger paining.



Artist Conversation: Elena Roznovan

Exhibition Information

Artist: Elena Roznovan
Exhibition: Stop & Stare
Media: Video Installations
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Instagram: @eroznovan

About the Artist

Elena Roznovan is a graduate student here at Cal State Long Beach’s School of Art. She is on her second year and is working on getting her Master’s degree in the Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture. For her undergraduate studies she attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Over there, she accumulated all of her sculpting skills. She is from Moldova, a country that is next to Ukraine. Her interests in art began with drawing and painting and then graduated to installations when she moved to California. Where she is from, California is known for its light and space and therefore making her want to create this interactive installation for us all to enjoy.

Formal Analysis

Roznovan’s specialty work is  video installations. In this exhibition, she presents a moving image of a California dessert with a projector. With the image she adds colored optical props that make the image seem as if it is 3D or moving, even though in actuality, it is still. These square optical props look as if they are our windows that we can step through to get the full desert feeling. The optical frames also have 2D and 4D content that when looked at create a 3D type of  experience to her audience.

Content Analysis

Roznovan’s work investigates concepts of phenomenology, time, and the way images are put together to prove a point. She creates video installations that challenge the viewer’s perception and expectation of moving pictures and the space in which they are standing. For this exhibition she was inspired by the lightness and openness of California’s dessert. With the use of outdoors and a pairing with optical props, Elena is able to bring the combining of one’s perception through phenomenology of space and time.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Roznovan made a claim that when her audience sees her installations, they can sometimes feel anxious when their perception is messed with, or they can feel at ease and meditate. My experience seeing this installation was the more calm and at ease. I walked in, sat down and stared at her projection for a couple of minutes. Looking at the image, i felt very contempt, and almost hypnotized. Being there, made me forget about my responsibilities

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for a period of time and made me focus on her art. Truthfully, it was a wonderful experience and I have never seen art like this before. Elena is extremely talented and her art truly opened my eyes! Thank you for letting us see your beautiful work!

Week 7: Classmate Conversation

On Wednesday, March 8th, I talked with a super sweet girl named Marisa! It is her third year here at CSULB and she majors in exercise science (thinking about Kinesiology). For Marisa’s future job, she wants to rehabilitate our veterans. How cool! She decided to go to CSULB because she did not want to go out of state and Long Beach is a great school! She currently works at Blue Water Restaurant as a hostess and her birthday is July 20th. Marisa is the second youngest of six kids. She has 2 brothers, 3 sisters, and they are all 2 years apart. She loves to play sports and loves hot cheetos. (same asf) Marisa was very nice and a pleasure to talk too. I forgot to take a picture but I do have the link to her blog. Go check it out!

I just checked out her blog and found out that she is an angels fan. smh hahah

Image result for dodgers and angels images(please excuse the profanity)


Artist Inspiration: Amy Williams

Exhibition Information

Artist: Amy Williams
Exhibition: MFA Ceramics
Media: Ceramics, Porcelain
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

The moment I walked into Amy Williams exhibition and saw these rope-like strings hanging from the ceiling, with these little pods hanging from them, I realized it reminded me of a the forest.Whether it was from a movie or when I would go camping with my family as a kid. I’ll talk about camping.

Once a year, me and my ENTIRE family  go on our annual camping trip. We never went to the same place twice because apparently that was “too boring”. So every year was always different and we always were so curious as to our next destination. (This year we’re going to Yosemite!) This trip that I am mentioning now takes place in Oregon. Camping in Oregon, for some reason, felt so different. The camp sites felt a little more swampy and “spooky”. Amy’s piece reminds me of that time, walking through those fallen vines, feeling the dampness from it. Brought back so many fun, scary, yet awesome memories. Our family camping trips are always so so so so so much fun. And seeing her piece really brings me back to these positive times in my life. They way she lit her piece, emphasizing the shadows, reminds me of waking up in my tent to the sunrise. Such a beautiful piece that can mean so many different things to many different people.

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Week 6 Art Activity: Flip Book

For this weeks art activity I decided to make a flip book. Coming up with an idea was a challenge, but I found my “match”. I wanted it to be humorous, yet informative. So, with that in mind, I introduce you to… How to be: Bomb (For the ladies) I did a step-by-step instruction guide to succeed in being “bomb”. It was hard finding the steps, especially because everyone’s idea of “being bomb” is different. (This is not to be taken seriously! lol) All i did to make the book was use some card stock and staples. For a future flip book I’ll probably do something related to school or makeup. This activity was a lot of fun, although I may not be the best artist I don’t think this came out too bad.

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