Artist Inspiration: Amy Williams

Exhibition Information

Artist: Amy Williams
Exhibition: MFA Ceramics
Media: Ceramics, Porcelain
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

The moment I walked into Amy Williams exhibition and saw these rope-like strings hanging from the ceiling, with these little pods hanging from them, I realized it reminded me of a the forest.Whether it was from a movie or when I would go camping with my family as a kid. I’ll talk about camping.

Once a year, me and my ENTIRE family  go on our annual camping trip. We never went to the same place twice because apparently that was “too boring”. So every year was always different and we always were so curious as to our next destination. (This year we’re going to Yosemite!) This trip that I am mentioning now takes place in Oregon. Camping in Oregon, for some reason, felt so different. The camp sites felt a little more swampy and “spooky”. Amy’s piece reminds me of that time, walking through those fallen vines, feeling the dampness from it. Brought back so many fun, scary, yet awesome memories. Our family camping trips are always so so so so so much fun. And seeing her piece really brings me back to these positive times in my life. They way she lit her piece, emphasizing the shadows, reminds me of waking up in my tent to the sunrise. Such a beautiful piece that can mean so many different things to many different people.

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