Week 8 Activity: Finger Painting


For this week’s activity, Finger painting, I was kind of not really looking forward to it. I just thought of it being a giant mess with no purpose.  Continuing on, I ended up picking the colors yellow, green, and red (Non-toxic paint of course). I chose these colors mainly because i like the way they blend together and how rustic and beautiful they look. I started with the color green because i thought it would be a good base color. I then added some yellow and then last but not least, i added the red. In doing this activity, it came out to be easier than i expected. I thought the paint was going to get all over my hands, clothes, and just everywhere! haha. But surprisingly it did not! The idea of painting with no subject is definitely more fun. Being told to paint certain things, (I believe) defeats the purpose of art for the artist. So being able to paint whatever and go in any direction makes it more spontaneous and fun. This experience was very relaxing and liberating because it kind of took my mind off of my everyday stresses. My final product came out to be this circular, curvy, beautiful mess. lol. When i compare this experience and art to other pieces I have seen, I can definitely see the beauty in everyone’s art work. We can take finger painting is SO MANY different ways which is a beautiful concept. Overall, i really did enjoy this weeks art activity because it changed my perspective on finger paining.




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