Week 9: Artist Conversation

Artist: David DeSantis
Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlin GalleryIMG_3211

Artist background: 
David realized he wanted to pursue a career in art once he turned 18. David has always had a interest for art. All seemed to have started at a very young age. He really enjoyed to doodle motorcycles in his younger years. He probably did this because he has always loved exciting and new things to get the “blood flowing”. He mentioned that Long Beach has one of the most pristine and top art programs in the west coast. This is his first full showing. And he was super excited to be able to show us and talk to us about his artwork!

Content Analysis:
“Everyone sees/interprets things differently. I could paint a happy face and it could mean so many different things to many different people, and that’s the beauty of art.” David mentioned that his work is based on experimentation’s with figurative imagery and expressive mark makings. He said since his art is abstract it has multiple meanings. A different meaning for different people. His influences our music within his artwork.

My Experience:
Personally, i thought David’s artwork was truly unique. I love how he incorporates music and figurative imagery in his pieces. I really liked the red samurai piece because of the positive feelings i received from just looking at it. He is a pretty unique guy with a insanely creative mind that is truly inspiring.


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