Classmate Conversation(s)

On Wednesday April 12, I met up with Sarina and John. I know the guidelines were to meet up with someone old and new, but honestly it has been so long since i have talked to John so we thought we should catch up again! Update on Sarina and I, we are actually very good friends now! We have similar classes together and just get along very well, I’m super happy about that! Sarina mentioned that yes, school has gotten harder but she is still determined to declare her major (social work) in a timely manor. She is about to turn 19 soon, May 4th to be exact. And she plans on taking some summer courses at LBCC to speed up the process! Freakin goals.!                                                                                       And for John, well everything pretty much is the same. He is super excited for school to be over and for summer to start. He is doing well in all of his classes and everything just seems to be going smoothly so that’s good too!

It was so nice catching up with John, and its always a good time with Sarina because she is actually a good friend of mine now. With that being said, we forgot to take a picture, so here is a silly one of Sarina and I in our Comm 110 class.



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