Week 11: Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information

Artist: Yujia Gu
Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the USA
Media: Installations, Info-graphics, LED display.
Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Instagram: @yujia_gu

About The Artist

Yujia Gu is a student at CSULB’s School of Art and is working towards getting her Masters in the fine arts. She moved to the United States from Asia about three years ago and has really been liking her time going to school and living in Long Beach! At first, she was hesitant to move to the US at first because of all the known gun violence news going around, which they heard overseas. Her mother was extremely worried for her safety but she was determined to study in the United States.She wanted to learn for herself if the gun violence was real or not.

In her exhibition, Gu reveals some crazy statistics about gun violence here in the US. Her exhibition includes statistics about mass shootings, the similarities of gun violence among different countries, the amount of children killed by guns since Newtown and many more. The way these statistics are presented is essential to the art show. She includes an info-graphic map that points to the places where gun violence happened during the last 72 hours in the US. She also has an LED display showing the number of people who have been shot. The most mind blowing part of her exhibition was the writing on the wall that reads “More and more people are buying guns to protect themselves from more and more people who are buying guns.” This is to show that gun violence is an endlesscycle that will take a lot of time and effort to be resolved.

Content Analysis

Before coming all the way to the States, Gu did extensive research on gun violence in the United states. Her interest in it is what inspired her exhibition. The purpose of it is to make more people realize how serious gun violence is here. In her research, she has discovered that schools, business buildings, and places that are more active and populated have a higher risk of having gun violence. Her main goal is to inform the viewer about all the gun violence happening around us and to encourage them to understand that it is necessary to learn how to properly use guns.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Yujia Gu’s exhibition was so eye opening. Seeing/reading the amount of people who have died or have been effected from gun violence is astonishing. People like Yujia who live in other countries take it more seriously than we do and that is so sad. She came to our country scared that gun violence could effect her if she were to come here. Gun violence is a serious issue in our lives and gun control needs to be improved. Her exhibition was absolutely amazing and she truly taught me so much.

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