Week 12 Art Experience: Ethnography


When I first heard that our art activity involved no electricity or anything in that nature, I was super sad. I thought it was going to be super boring and i wouldn’t be able to actually do it. At first, it was really hard, my friend and I just kept awkwardly staring at each other hoping something fun would happen… which nothing did at that time. An hour goes by and we find ourselves talking about everything. We got to know each other SOOOO well. I learned things about him that i didn’t already know and i felt that made us so much closer. (which is really nice because i like him lol) We went outside for a little bit, laying on the grass (but we got really itchy so had to come inside).  We even started drawing, which here is a pic of what i was able to start. !

Displaying IMG_3513.JPG

Living without electricity was very liberating and i feel like my mind was more at ease. If i was by myself i feel like i would have been bored at some points but honestly i would do it again. Obviously it limits you on your activities but it still does not have to be boring. People back before electricity, i feel, could do it, because they had no reason to be doing so. They found other past time activities to do. Social Media, the television, did not effect their lives at that time. My ideal level of life activity would be about 60% whilst my connectivity i would like it to be 40%.  I have a high percentage for connectivity because the world is evolving and the great internet is our main means of communication and opportunities. But of course, my life activity would have to be higher because i am a very interactive person.

Displaying IMG_5066.JPG

my living room…

Displaying IMG_5067.JPG

and my messy bedroom lol.


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