Activity wk 15: My three possible futures…


Thinking about my future makes me feel very vulnerable. I want to do/ be apart of so many things. What i would really want to do would be to teach kids all around the world. Teach what? i don’t know. But all i know is that i would love to learn and share knowledge all over the world. Traveling and learning about all of these cultures is the goal. If for some reason that career changed or i was not able to pursue it, i would go straight into animal care. If i cant travel the world and help children i would love to partake in current rescue groups and maybe even become a vet tech because why not hahah.

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If i was financially secure i would loveeeeeeeeeee to buy all the makeup in the world, find a cute bae and have him drive me around in my fancy car lol. We would then find all of the stray animals in the world and give them a happy home. hahah idk there are so many things i want to do that i probably dont know just yet. When i find out ill let you know. 😉



Week 14 Art Activity: Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

As a kid, my grandpa would ALWAYS take us the Japanese garden to feed the little Koi fish in the water. So finding out that we were going here as a class made me so happy and brought back so many happy memories of my childhood. 🙂 Trying to find a spot, i thought, was going to be the hardest, because the whole place is sooooo pretty. But it was not until a memory came back of a special spot i would sit/stand at with my grandpa.

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What could be more perfect? Nothing, exactly. lol

When the rules for this activity said “NO ERASING” i kind of panicked. An eraser is my best friend sometimes. But as soon as i actually started it became a little easier. I thought drawing the leaves and the bridge would be easier to do without lifting up the pencil and erasing. And I appeared to be right.


It does not look too bad…

With the time i had remaining, i spent it on adding details in the rocks, water, and some more trees… as you can see hereIMG_5666

This was all i did with the time i had. Overall, this experience was a lot of fun and brought back tons of positive/ happy memories of my childhood. 🙂 I do feel my piece is actually going somewhere so i will continue it and probably paint it this summer! This activity was a whole lot of fun!

our last and final… Artist Converstation wk13

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: La Cena Esta Servida

Gallery: Merlino Gallery

Media: Metal and Jewelry

For our final artist conversation, I decided to go with Krystal Ramirez’s exhibit. Her exhibition “La Cena Esta Servida” was located in the Merlino Gallery. Krystal is currently a student at CSULB and is working hard to receive her BFA in Metal and Jewelry in the near future. This is the first exhibit i have seen where the artist uses metal and jewelry to create her pieces! That was very intriguing and thought this would be a good way to end our artists conversations for this semester.

At first, walking in her gallery, I saw (everyone saw lol) an enormous dining table with silver ware placed on top. When i started to analyze and talk to Krystal i saw that the silver ware was her art! I have no idea why it took me so long to realize, i guess i was in shock from the giant dining table. There were around 11 plates that had different appliances on top, all the appliances were created by her and with different types of metals/jewelry. A few examples include; copper, pewter, sterling sliver, brass, and bronzed. The plates, which were a variety, all had their own names. She says that they indicate different relationships she has made in the dining table over time, “reflecting on the people that have been part of my journey and the influence they have had on me.” Her work was very clean and precise, something very different from what I have seen before.

After seeing her piece i feel that Krystal is very family/friend oriented and likes that feeling of forming relationships. Hence the reason for a dining table in her piece. Dinner time in many families, like mine, is taken very seriously and is important in certain family dynamics. It creates bonds and closeness between one another, kind of keeping everyone and everything up-to-date. Even on dates with (new) people, we sit down and get to know each other. This builds relationships with others and yourself. Krystal’s exhibit really made me want to sit down and hang out with my family more.