Week 14 Art Activity: Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

As a kid, my grandpa would ALWAYS take us the Japanese garden to feed the little Koi fish in the water. So finding out that we were going here as a class made me so happy and brought back so many happy memories of my childhood. 🙂 Trying to find a spot, i thought, was going to be the hardest, because the whole place is sooooo pretty. But it was not until a memory came back of a special spot i would sit/stand at with my grandpa.

Image result for japanese garden csulb

What could be more perfect? Nothing, exactly. lol

When the rules for this activity said “NO ERASING” i kind of panicked. An eraser is my best friend sometimes. But as soon as i actually started it became a little easier. I thought drawing the leaves and the bridge would be easier to do without lifting up the pencil and erasing. And I appeared to be right.


It does not look too bad…

With the time i had remaining, i spent it on adding details in the rocks, water, and some more trees… as you can see hereIMG_5666

This was all i did with the time i had. Overall, this experience was a lot of fun and brought back tons of positive/ happy memories of my childhood. 🙂 I do feel my piece is actually going somewhere so i will continue it and probably paint it this summer! This activity was a whole lot of fun!


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