Activity wk 15: My three possible futures…


Thinking about my future makes me feel very vulnerable. I want to do/ be apart of so many things. What i would really want to do would be to teach kids all around the world. Teach what? i don’t know. But all i know is that i would love to learn and share knowledge all over the world. Traveling and learning about all of these cultures is the goal. If for some reason that career changed or i was not able to pursue it, i would go straight into animal care. If i cant travel the world and help children i would love to partake in current rescue groups and maybe even become a vet tech because why not hahah.

Image result for pretty sky pictures

If i was financially secure i would loveeeeeeeeeee to buy all the makeup in the world, find a cute bae and have him drive me around in my fancy car lol. We would then find all of the stray animals in the world and give them a happy home. hahah idk there are so many things i want to do that i probably dont know just yet. When i find out ill let you know. 😉



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